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Cereal Breakfast Shooters Recipe

Cereal Breakfast Shooters Recipe

These fun breakfast-themed shooters are meant to be shared with friends!

If you are looking for a shot that you can take in the morning, these cereal-inspired Rumchata shots are just the thing!

Apparently, people started mixing these up when they noticed that Rumchata liqueur tastes a bit like leftover cereal milk.


Honey Nut Cheerios Inspired breakfast shot recipe:

Mix together equal parts of Rumchata liqueur and honey whiskey.  Shake over ice and pour into shot glasses. 

Garnish with cereal.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal inspired breakfast shot

Mix equal parts of Rumchata liqueur and cinnamon whiskey.

Garnish with cereal.


Fruit Loops Inspired Shots

Mix 2 parts Rumchata Liqueur with 1 part "Loopy" flavoured vodka (from 3 Olives Vodka brand - it's a fruit loop flavour!)

Add a splash of Blue Curacao.

Shake over ice and serve garnished with cereal.


Lucky Charms Inspired Breakfast Shots

Mix 2 parts Rumchata with 1 part strawberry vodka, 1 part marshmallow vodka. 

Garnish with cereal and micro marshmallows!


So tasty - and Instagram-worthy -  Enjoy!



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