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5 Ways to Stay Social in a Lockdown

groceryshoppingwithfriends 5 Ideas to be safely social during the pandemic


Social Distancing. Staying Home. Cancelled gatherings.

If you live in a country that is affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, then you might also be living in a country that is facing restrictions or lockdowns that have completely changed your social life.

If you have been feeling negative mental health effects from these changes, we are here to help!

Here are 5 creative ways to stay safely social in pandemic-affected parts of the world.


1. Coordinate Groceries 

Getting groceries has been considered essential in most places around the world during Covid 19.  As long as you follow your local regulations for going shopping, (wear a mask? Stay six feet apart?), instead of picking up your peas and carrots amongst strangers, make it a friend-date!

This gives you time to talk, to catch up, and to learn more about each other's shopping habits too. 

In fact, we love groceries with friends so much that we actually recommended doing it way before this pandemic hit!

Getting groceries together is a chance to learn more about your friend. What kinds of meals does your friend plan? What new shopping ideas can you learn about? You might pick up ingredients for your classic steak marinade, and your friend might try it too. Maybe he has a favorite brand of yogurt you didn’t know about it. Maybe she has a healthy go-to snack you could try. 


2. Working From Home Now? Pick Your Own Coworkers

For many employees and students, working from a home office has become the new thing during this pandemic. 

What if you could surround yourself with your favourite "coworkers" ever - your very own friends?

Even if you don't work at the same company or go to the same school (especially if you don't!), you can still work together in a home office if you are both working from home. 

Set up an office in your dining room, brew some coffee and invite your friend to be home-office-coworkers.

(Sticking to the recommendations in your region on how many people you can invite to your house or socialize with.)

To maintain efficiency, stick to work hours, then schedule coffee breaks for chances to talk and catchup.

You can even switch it up - take turns hosting. Bring snacks!


3. Become Part-Time Coworkers Outside the Home

Many businesses are shut down in countries that are under severe pandemic restrictions, but there are still others that remain open - restaurants with takeout options, grocery stores and other types of businesses are still open - and often hiring.

If you have been feeling majorly isolated, a part-time job can be a place to see friends. 

Apply with a friend and enjoy being coworkers while making some extra money at the same time.


4. Meet for a Walk, a Hike, or Another Outdoor Activity

Sunday walking meetups, anyone?

Fresh air, exercise, sunshine and socializing are all immunity-boosters.  Multi-task and enjoy time with friends by starting a new healthy habit together.

Most countries have deemed outdoor socializing to be safe during the pandemic, so a walk, a hike, or just an outdoor hangout is a great way to keep up with your friends during lockdowns.

There is something so invigorating about being an explorer - weekly walks with friends could be a way to check out new areas of your city every week.

The chance to socialize and the mood-boosting power of exercise and the outdoors will have you smiling and ready to face whatever comes your way.


5. Video Friend-Dates

If you have no other way to see your friends during Covid 19, it's a good idea to start exploring video friend-dates as an alternative.

Online services are quickly evolving to adapt to the needs of bringing your social life online with video, so it's the ideal time to try it out.

Whether it's a weekly, "Happy Hour Video Catchup" with your group of friends, an online wine-tasting, cookie baking or crafting, or online games night, try exploring and experimenting with new ways to see your friends.

For extra fun, why not get a little dressed up for the occasion?*

*At least from the waist up.

 What creative and safe ways have you come up with to keep up with your friends?

Did we miss any good ideas? 

Please share in the comments below - 

And, as always, if you are looking to meet new friends, from nearby or from around the world, head on over to the "signup" section of our site - membership to FriendMatch is free and our community is full of friend-seekers from around the world ready to share their own experiences with you.


Stay Safe - and stay social!

- The FriendMatch Team




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