Why Us

Why friendMatch?

Rules and Safety Guidelines for Meeting New Friends

Don’t use your real name on FriendMatch, use a nickname for your username.

Protect your identity until you can trust your new friend. (After you have met in person, or verified each other’s identity through other means such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social network profiles if you can’t meet in person.)

Don’t exchange email addresses or phone numbers until you have verified each other’s identity via meeting in person or other means if this is not possible. Don’t respond to FriendMatch members who try to break this rule immediately.

Let someone else know where you’ll be and when you expect to return home.

Meet in a public place where there will be other people around.

Please don’t meet a friend for the first time alone in the middle of the woods, for example.

Don’t let your new friend know where you live until you have developed a trusting relationship.

Safety starts with S but begins with you

What do I do if someone is spamming me, hitting on me or bugging me?

You can use the “report” button on their profile to report the member, or you can send an email directly to FriendMatch at: feedback@friendmatch.com

You can also block the user so they can’t contact you by choosing the block button on their profile.

If a user is threatening you it is best to contact your local police or authorities as well as report it to FriendMatch.

About FriendMatch

Feeling Lonely? You're Not Alone

…but now there are so many challenges that we did not used to have, thwarting our efforts make genuine friendships with people.

With more pressure to work and less time for leisure, there is less time to connect with our friends.

Social Networks like Facebook and Instagram have been proven to have the opposite effect – making people more lonely than ever!

Modern neighbourhoods are not designed to embrace staying home and getting to know your neighbours as much as they used to.

When you move to a new city or neighbourhood, how are you supposed to make new friends in your new location?

We tackle some of these situations in our blog, but we also believe that a modern problem needs a modern solution.

At FriendMatch, our community is devoted to making it easier to find real friends, whether that is a friend you keep online or in person.

We keep our features simple – profiles, direct messages, and a search tool for finding friends.

Everyone on FriendMatch is here because they are looking for the same thing – new friends.

There is no activity feed, no news feed, no distractions. Just genuine connections.

FriendMatch is an international social networking service that helps people meet and make new friends, both locally and worldwide. It is a place to make real connections, whether online, to talk to and connect from afar, or in person, for coffees, walks, or to hang out.

Launched in 2011 on Dragons’ Den, FriendMatch has answered the question, “How to make friends?” for more than 6 million people and counting.

While there are finally some other friendship apps catching up with the need to make finding friends easier, FriendMatch is the only place where you can make a friend with someone of any gender. This is important, because women are not the only ones who want an easier way to find friends!

In fact, in a recent poll on our site, we discovered that 90% of our members are open to making friends with any gender, not just their own.

We also help people of all different ages to find friends – because loneliness is a rising issue that affects the young and old alike.

Other social networks and matchmaking networks, including dating apps and dating sites, are notorious for creating fake bots and fake profiles to fill out their community. We are proud to say that we have never done this – every member you find on FriendMatch is real.

We’re not here to play games – we’re here to make friends!

Watch out for our new mobile app – coming soon!

It’s important to us that we can help you. This is why we have real people, not bots, answering your questions and taking your feedback, on our social networks, (we are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) and with our email support.

We take polls and collect constant feedback from you so that we can serve you better.

You can help us too! If you like what we’re doing, you can help us grow by spreading the word!

Safety is a Choice You Make

Consider an App

If you don’t have someone to call and check in before you meet someone new for the first time, you can also try a safety app like EmergenSee, which offers security features like live support via your mobile device

We want our users to be safe

Remember, it is up to you to be safe online and when meeting new people, so please use common sense and follow these safety guidelines!