5 Tips for an Online Shower Party

virtual baby shower plans

All around the world, we are facing lockdowns and restrictions, but if you have a wedding or baby on the way, you still deserve to celebrate!

If you can't have a traditional "in person" party, we have put together a template so you can have an online virtual shower or party, whether it is on Zoom, Facebook, or whichever your preferred video conference method that all your guests can enjoy.


1 -  Send out invitations with an RSVP

You can send them online or in the mail, whatever makes you happy!

People will be so curious about what is in that mystery box you call a party kit, they'll just HAVE to RSVP 'yes'!



2 - Send a follow up to everyone who RSVPs Yes

Send your guests a follow up email so they know how to participate in your shower.

Details to include:

- The Shower Agenda

- A link to the party!  

Will it be on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, HouseParty? Make sure to have this setup when you plan your party, then send the invitation link to your guests in the email so they can join in. (Wondering which to choose? See our Blog Post: Which Video Platform is Best for Socializing)

- A delivery address for the gifts (sent before the party)




3 - Add Special Touches


Send a Party Kit to everyone who RSVPs YES

You can ship it or round up some friends to help deliver to your guests doorsteps just before your party date. Getting a little box of fun is sure to delight your guests and help to set up a festive, party atmosphere.

Here are some ideas for things you can include in your shower party kit:

- Gift Bingo Card and Dabber or pencil (more on that below)

- Ingredients for a signature shower cocktail, or for a punch, or a small bottle of wine or sparkling wine

- Snacks! This could be anything from cookies and nuts, little sandwiches, depending on delivery methods

- Balloons or streamers so your guests can make their background extra festive and party ready


4 - Have a Gift Opening Bingo

For a simple and fun way to help keep guests engaged and interactive with your online party, include gift bingo sheets in your party box to play while you open gifts in front of a camera. The first one to shout BINGO! gets a prize!


5 - Start with an Icebreaker

So everyone has a chance to "meet" each other.

You can add a bit of fun to this with an icebreaker game here, e.g. Ask each guest to introduce themselves and to answer this question, "If I could be anybody else besides myself, I would be..."


Keep the Agenda Short and Simple

We suggest simply doing an icebreaker game followed by opening presents while your guests play "Gift Bingo", followed by a virtual tour of the nursery or, if it's a bridal shower, something else. 

Not everyone is an expert at online meetings yet, and group meetings can still be a bit...chaotic! So keeping a simple agenda like this will help things to go smoothly.

Keeping your event 2 hours or less makes it more manageable for everyone to attend for the whole event.



That's it! We hope you have a fun lockdown shower with your friends and loved ones!

- The FriendMatch Team

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