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Tips: How to work a room at a party

Tips: How to work a room at a party

You’re at a friend’s party. You came because you promised you would and now you’re here and you don’t know anybody except the host. All around you people are talking and laughing and eating hors d’oeuvres, how are you supposed to have fun with a crowd of strangers? Aaahhh!

Familiar? Whether it’s for work or a social commitment, FriendMatch has gathered a few good pointers to get you through your next mixer event. We even read a book. It’s called, “The Art of Mingling” by Jeanne Martinet


Here are five ways to work a room:


Offer to Help. 

This is a classic move so we had to mention it. Grab that
tray of hors d’oeuvres and start passing it around- you have something to do, you’ll meet a lot of the people there, and if the conversation goes stale you have a great excuse to keep moving through the room.

The “Honest” Approach

If you can’t think of anything else just park yourself at the edge of a cluster of people and wait for someone to notice or acknowledge you. At this point you can say something like, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I don’t know a soul here! My name is Jane Smith….” The humble nature of this approach, according to Martinet, makes you non –threatening and puts the other person in the position to help you out a little bit. Get help from someone? That sounds even easier than our previous suggestion!

The Fade In

First you’re on the edge of the circle. Then you inch a little closer, discreetly. Then you laugh when they laugh. After hanging out a bit, you chip in on the conversation, as if you had always been part of the group. This is the beauty of the fade-in. Sneaky and easy.

The Flattery Approach

According to Martinet a compliment is always a go-to icebreaker. Good= “I love your dress!” Bad= “I love your dress, it looks like you work out !” (unless you are hitting on someone).

How did you get here

Yup, that’s the last one from Martinet's book. You ask someone how they got here. It’s an open-ended question, it’s something you can both share information about since you both got there, and it just might lead to other conversation. E.g. Sally: “How did you get here?” Jane: “I rode my bicycle here,” Sally: “You ride your bicycle in the winter?” Jane: “Yes, I also cycle to work,” Sally: “Me too!” ……………etc.



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How to host a clothing swap party

How to host a clothing swap party

Host a clothing swap party!

Here is a perfect activity for today's budget-minded world: host a clothing swap party with your friends!

Just because your designer top doesn't fit you right anymore, doesn't mean it has to be a total loss- why not trade it for your friend's leather skirt- the one she never wears.
It's so nice to organize your closet, and a good chance to get rid of clothes you just don't wear, clothes you bought and regretted, or, sadly, (sometimes happily!), clothing that no longer fits.

Everyone has these issues, so get the gang together and agree to bring all your unwanted clothes for a great exchange. You get the chance to gain new pieces for your wardrobe- new to you- for no cost.

It's a win-win! Here are our suggestions for pulling off a great clothing swap:
How to:


Invite as many friends as you can-

the more clothes, the better! It's also a nice icebreaker if you want to introduce different friends to each other. You can find cute invitations online to make it extra special.

Set up a big space

so that there's lots of room to put everyone's clothes on display. When guests arrive, you might want to let each guest display their clothes in her own spot.


Let the swapping begin!

Anything goes- shoes, jewelry, work clothes, party clothes, whatever! Allow everyone to swap between themselves. Money saving fun!

For food and drinks

...a potluck of snacks is one great way to tie in to the community theme. Otherwise, a nice idea would be to go for some nice, light snacks, because no one wants to feel weighed down when they get new clothes! Tea or Iced tea, punch (recipe below), fruit and veggie platters, and lemon cupcakes is a nice balance of treats and eats.

Strawberry Champagne Punch
This one is easy and refreshing! You can play around with the portions and still it will turn out great!

1- extra large bottle of champagne or sparkling wine
1- bag of frozen strawberries
1 -2 litre bottle of ginger ale.

Mix all the ingredients together in a punch bowl and enjoy! Couldn't be easier!

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Ten simple low-cost ways to spend more time with Friends

Ten simple low-cost ways to spend more time with Friends


Go For a Walk

It doesn’t cost anything, it’s good for your health and the changing environment and cardio activity will help your conversation flow. You can walk around in your neighborhood, a different neighborhood, a park, just about anywhere! A bike ride is also beneficial and fun!


Work Out

Kind of similar to the above. If you’re going to work out or go to the gym anyway, you might as well do it with a friend! The time will fly by, and as a bonus, having someone else working out might help inspire you to complete your full workout. After all, it’s harder to slack off if you think someone else will notice!

Hit up a Coffee Shop

Frothy cappuccinos, seasonally spiced lattés, couches, music- forget the new Starbucks drive-thru, coffee shops were made for hanging out! A good dimly lit coffee shop and good tunes is the perfect mix of relaxation and stimulation for chilling with friends! Take two hours to sip espresso and foamed milk and cinnamon while catching up with a friend, or a group of friends.


This is a fun activity to do with friends! Save on the pricey restaurant bill and hit up the nearest market for some fresh foods to cook at home. You can share a favorite recipe with your friends, or tackle a bigger, more complicated recipe together! With everyone assigned to chopping or mixing, or pouring of wine, you will develop a real sense of camaraderie and teamwork together- and in the end you can all sit down to a great home cooked meal! No tipping required.

Go for Dessert

So you’ve had your dinner already with your spouse or partner, and now are settling into routine. That leaves room for dessert! Head to the trendiest place in town, even a pricey dessert will only be a fraction of the cost of a meal out. Order the yummiest thing on the menu plus some coffee or herbal tea, and revel in the fact that if you share, you’re sharing the calories too. Scrumptious.

Help Each Other

Go to your friend’s house and help him paint his fence. Next weekend, he’s coming to your place to stain your deck. For the price of beers you have extra labour and the encouragement to get lots more done. You’re both happy because you get to cross things off your list, and chores never seem so hard when you’re hanging out with friends. Everybody wins!

Game Night!

Gather a couple of friends, or a couple of couples, and invest in a board game. There are so many out there now. Some classics are charades, Taboo, Scattegories. There are great newer games out there too, like Cranium, and several hilarious “Battle of the Sexes” games. Or go all out and get a Murder Mystery game, costumes and all. Snacks can be as casual as a couple bowls of chips and some pop to as elaborate as an appetizer potluck.

Do Your Grocery Shopping Together

This is better with just one friend otherwise it could get a little chaotic. Ever feel like you’re always coming home with the same things? So what if you have your grocery shopping down to a lean routine? Getting the task done with your friend can introduce you to new foods, and maybe even some tips and tricks. It’s also a neat chance to learn more about your friend. What kinds of meals does your friend plan? What great deals can you learn about? You might pick up ingredients for your classic steak marinade, and your friend might try it too. Maybe he has a favorite brand of yogurt you didn’t know about it. Maybe she has a healthy go-to snack you could try. At the very least it could offer some new insights on your own shopping habits. And isn’t self-discovery fun too?

Have a Spa Day

OK, admittedly, this one is probably more appealing to the ladies. Gather around at a friend’s. Bring your bathrobes and slippers and concoct your own beauty treatments- there are tons of home-made face masks, scrubs, and creams on the Internet, like these. Munch on healthy spa food an apple ginger cooler or grilled veggie wrap found here. Don’t forget the cucumber slices for the eyes!


Why? Because almost anyone of any age can do it, the food is cheap and so are the drinks, and it’s fun! So there you have it, some ideas to get you started. More activity ideas


Have a Bonfire

I'm pretty sure this simple pleasure has been enjoyable for thousands of years by us humans!  It's a great way to connect, and easy to do! Pass the marshmallows!


Go to the Beach

Guaranteed fun!  Who doesn't love the beach? Fill a beach bag with sunscreen, waters, snacks, and a frisbee, a soccer ball, or a bocce ball set and you'll be entertained for hours!


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