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News Release: The Massive Social Network You Haven't Heard of that is Quietly Helping Millions




The Massive Social Network You Haven’t Heard of that is Quietly Helping Millions


Thursday, June 11, 2020 - FriendMatch increases resources to keep up with overwhelming loneliness accelerated by Covid 19.


The friendship matchmaking service has seen its traffic nearly doubling each month since the outbreak.

“Millions of people are finding us by googling, “Feeling lonely” and “How to Make Friends,” says FriendMatch founder Katie Hartle, “we have been overwhelmed by the need to help people feel less isolated during this pandemic.”


How FriendMatch is Adapting to Meet Rising Loneliness During COVID-19:

  • Providing their service for free – eliminating their premium level membership and switching to a fully ad-supported platform to help more people connect during a time when job loss and business disruption is ongoing.
  • Working on the release of a mobile app version of its site. The app will respond to 42% of its users who access the service through their phones.
  • Hiring more help with communications and tech support to respond to the growth accelerated by the pandemic.


“When we launched in 2011, it was to help people make friends. I never expected to see just how badly people needed this service. The pandemic has made it harder to socialize, but we can still adapt. We can use tools to make real connections and friendship, even online, accessible to those who need it.”


  • Backgrounder: How traditional social networks can increase feelings of isolation during COVID-19
  • Fact Sheet: COVID-19 Loneliness Statistics


About FriendMatch

FriendMatch is an international social networking service that helps people meet and make new friends, both locally and worldwide. It is a place to make real connections, whether online, to talk to and connect from afar, or in person, for coffees, walks, or to hang out.

Launched in 2011 on Dragons’ Den, FriendMatch has answered the question, “How to make friends?” for more than 6 million people and counting.

For more information about FriendMatch, visit our website at www.friendmatch.com




For more information, please contact:

Rebecca Driedger - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Social Media Accounts:

Facebook – @friendmatchofficial

Twitter – @friendmatch


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