Only 4 messages per day for free members 

(Paid members - unlimited messages)                                                                   bigstock Woman And Dog In Water Running 6156815

This is an anti-spam measure. By limiting the messages to just four per day, the goal is to make it too much trouble for a spammer to bother to message our members with money requests and other wastes of your time!

If you want to send more than 4 message per day, you can upgrade to a "Supportive" Membership, which is just $5 per year, and gives you unlimited messages.

To upgrade your membership, go to, "view profile," and click on, "membership".

(Spam will never pay anything online, so the hope is that this is a very effective spam-control measure to improve the experience for everyone!)

Protect your identity

Don’t use your real name on FriendMatch, use a nickname for your username.

Protect your identity until you can trust your new friend. (After you have met in person, or verified each other’s identity through other means such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social network profiles if you can’t meet in person.)

Use the FriendMatch messaging system until you can trust your new friend

Don’t exchange email addresses or phone numbers until you have verified each other’s identity via meeting in person or other means if this is not possible.  Don’t respond to FriendMatch members who try to break this rule immediately.

When you meet a new friend for the first time, use common sense safety precautions

Let someone else know where you’ll be and when you expect to return home.

Meet in a public place where there will be other people around. 

Please don’t meet a friend for the first time alone in the middle of the woods, for example.

Don't let your new friend know where you live until you have developed a trusting relationship.

 Consider an App 

If you don't have someone to call and check in before you meet someone new for the first time, you can also try a safety app like EmergenSee, which offers security features like live support via your mobile device. 


Remember, it is up to you to be safe online and when meeting new people, so please use common sense and follow these safety guidelines!

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