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Is making new friends one of your goals?

Is making new friends one of your goals?

A few years ago, nearing the end of an evening at a pub in Fort Lauderdale with an old we'll call Tom, we started talking about people in our lives.

When I mentioned a friend of a friend named Jeremy, Tom said, "Oh yes, he is one of my target friends."

Target Friends??

What is a Target Friend?

Tom is a motivated guy, I have seen him visualize and then attain his dream career, car, and life.

It almost wasn't surprising to have him explain to me that he attained friends with the same goal-driven manner.

"A Target Friend is someone that you want to become friends with," explained Tom, "and you make it your goal to become friends with them,"

Turns out Tom admired some qualities about Jeremy, including his ability to be very disciplined about his health, a quality Tom wanted to improve in himself.

So Tom made it a goal to be Jeremy's friend, and like any of his other goals, he was taking steps to achieve it.


A couple years later, Jeremy was one of the groomsmen at Tom's wedding, so it must have worked!

I was inspired to think about who my Target Friends would be.


Do you know anyone who could be your target friend?

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